I have been advised that I should write a blog because I will soon publish a book. I am not sure about this blog thing, but like a good Marine I follow orders, so what you are reading is Brad Gates Blog # 1.

The library is full of books. I read a Calvin and Hobbs cartoon one time when Calvin claimed the library had over a jillion books on the shelves, and I tend to agree with Calvin. So, it stands to reason that with so many books in existence, it cannot be too hard to write a book, right???

Wrong! I’m in the process of publishing my first book and learning that writing and publishing a book is no cake walk. Actually, it can be a giant pain in the patootie.  In the first place the story is expected to be interesting to more that just the writer. Really??? And good grammar is a requirement that cannot be shirked off. Thank goodness they have editors for that.

Finally, it was a giant awakening when I learned that all new authors have to take the lead in the marketing, promoting, advertising, etc. of their book. That means I needed a website for the book, and a face book page for the book. Heck, if my daughter had not created it without my blessing, I wouldn’t have a face book page for me.

More to follow next week….